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General procedure to reach high quality of work performed is the following regarding:

Main materials:

  • All suppliers are audited to verify their production meets international standards and good working conditions
  • All materials for the roofing, facades and other items have minimal guarantee of 5 years.
  • Steel and concrete prefab suppliers are checked by West Construction engineers and by independent expert during the production

Site execution:

  • To guarantee good execution on each project the site manager  is involved in the working out of preliminary design and  production plan (PPR)
  • Site manager is present full time on site to verify the good execution
    1. One engineer preparing acts and photos of hidden work
    2. Several specialized supervisors for each task such as platform and sub base compacting, reinforcement, casting of the concrete, steel structure installation, etc...
  • Each important step (foundations, columns, slabs, trusses) during execution is checked by our chief engineer.