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Project management


Here below few examples of design performed by West Construction.

Design stage. Preliminary project drawings.


Design stage. Loads.


Design stage. Building models.


Site organization.

The general project organization is the following:

Quality, safety, environment

West Construction received international certificates of systems of quality (ISO 9001), safety regulations (OHSAS 18001) and ecological policy (ISO 14001).


General procedure to reach high quality result is the following:

Factory visit reports allow to control production progress and quality. Those reports are sent to our client if requested. The client himself is invited to the factory visit.

Regular factory visits allow us to control quality during the production process


Regarding site execution:

Safety is a priority for West Construction.

Here are some pictures showing steps of construction site

Construction site view


 Earth works stage


Foundation works


Precast concrete columns installation


Casting of monolithic concrete columns



Steel structure installation



Respect of safety on site: special equipment, signal strips, environment safety, etc.


Casting of reinforced concrete slab



Facade installation


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